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class 1 Minstrel

Name Rank Level
Berendas Default
Celinchen Default
Dehador Default
Lygarwen Default
Lyxarias Default
Marilya Default
Merlerien Default
Nurandon Default
Poplo Default
Ratschi Default
Sevall Default
Sodriana Default
... 12 entries found

class 2 Captain

Name Rank Level
Aetion Default
Camasotz Default
Galadthoniel Default
Lelant Default
Morthonphir Default
Pharazn Default
... 6 entries found

class 3 Hunter

Name Rank Level
Ainora Default
Barvon Default
Erynniel Default
Gomory Default
Hilagr Default
Lyxarius Default
Marrwen Default
Romdalin Default
Saranthir Default
Sarthien Default
Tiah Default
... 11 entries found

class 4 Lore-master

Name Rank Level
Balthil Default
Mindalel Default
Teriel Default
... 3 entries found

class 5 Burglar

Name Rank Level
Kodran Default
Kuza Default
... 2 entries found

class 6 Guardian

Name Rank Level
Braban Default
Freyawyn Default
Haddo Default
Jafurbiarm Default
Marmorblock Default
Nalfin Default
Narberg Default
Tharndryl Default
Tzire Default
... 9 entries found

class 7 Champion

Name Rank Level
Bradrail Default
Dagtaras Default
Eirion Default
Gilhathel Default
Habbo Default
Kjaldir Default
Lardor Default
Thorkoras Default
... 8 entries found

class 8 Runekeeper

Name Rank Level
Acnologias Default
Aeyl Default
Barlou Default
Detritus Default
Godmolodir Default
Ithlant Default
Lightningbolt Default
Nimros Default
Thaurel Default
... 9 entries found

class 9 Warden

Name Rank Level
Tharndriel Default
... 1 entries found

class 10 Beorning

Name Rank Level
Hisilanya Default
... 1 entries found


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